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Credit Card Scams & Roofing

I know of many unethical roofing contractors, but I have never seen them do credit card fraud. There are countless full-time credit card scammers all the time that might use a roofing company’s name as a vehicle for their dirty work.

They came to this Dallas Roofing Contractor’s attention when Inuit called me last week to see if someone I had never heard of was authorized to set up credit card payment processing for Bert Roofing. They were definitely not and a crook was stopped before he started. It sent a shiver down my spine to think this guy’s next step was to call our customers and ask for their credit card number to pay their bill.

After this there was wholesale changing of passwords at Bert Roofing and some stepped up security measures.

For homeowners, always be careful when someone calls you asking for your credit card. We accept credit card payments, but you will seldome get a call from us asking you to pay your bill over the phone unless you account is fairly past due. If someone from our office ever calls you, they will know the balance due, the date of the invoice, and the type of work completed on your property. Always protect your information.

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