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Affordable Roof Repair Service Dallas, TX

Many contractors will turn up their noses at smaller roofing repair jobs, not us. We have done thousands of repairs in every size and shape possible and have the experience necessary to solve your problems. We repair both residential and commercial properties and will never try and sell you a whole new roof unless it is truly necessary.

Call Bert Roofing at 214-321-9341 or fill out our online Contact Form.  A Project Manager will come evaluate your needs and provide you with a written estimate. After you have authorized work, a seasoned repairman will arrive in short order and complete the roof repair.

Most Common Shingle Repairs

Roof Repair Dallas, Texas

This animal damaged plumbing stack may be our most common roof repair. Re-flashing of skylights and chimneys are something we also do every week of the world.  What ever your problem may be, we have seen it before.

What is the Source of Most of Our Repair Work?

Bad Roofers!  Mother Natures does her fair share of damage, but poor workmanship from day one is the overwhelming source of our repair business. Who does your job matters!

Dallas Roofing Company, Bert Roofing provides exceptional roof repair in Dallas, Texas and most of the DFW area. If your roof is damaged, old, or has leaks, we would like to help you by fixing your roof to stop further damage that can occur in the attic and interior of your home. Our quality materials and expert roofing professionals will make roof repairs seamless.

Emergency Roof Repair Service

A lot can go wrong overnight, or on the weekend. You may be wholly unprepared for a severe tropical storm to rip a hole in your roof. Well, Bert Roofing is prepared for just such a situation. We have some of the best roofing technicians in the entire country standing by to help homeowners like yourself. Whether it’s midnight, a holiday, or on the weekend, you can give us a call.

Our emergency roof repair service is designed to provide relief. No roof in the country is 100% immune to damages. Some common causes may include heavy winds, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, or just general wear and tear from age. Proper design and preventative maintenance can help. However, there comes a time when you just need to pick up the phone and call a professional roofer. If now is that time, then know that Bert Roofing is ready to go. We have the training, the equipment, and dedicated to completing your roof repairs now!

Roof Leak Repair

There are few things worse than waking up to the dripping sound of a leak. Your roof, whether due to age or a severe storm, has a hole. That hole must be found quickly, patched up even faster, so that water damage and pests do not cause a problem. How do you find a leak – minor or otherwise – in such a massive roof, though? You need Bert Roofing. We have the tools and know-how to track down that troublesome leak and solve the problem today!

Even the best roof – residential or commercial – may fall victim to severe weather. Or, perhaps a tree in the backyard fell on the shingles. Either way, a relatively small leak may disrupt your daily routine. The resulting mess could lead to damage, mold, and an entryway for small rodents and other pests. Once you call, we’ll mobile efficient repair teams to minimize leak damage and save you money. Our leak repairs are efficient, quick, and withstand the test of time!

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