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Affordable Roofing Price from Bert Roofing in Dallas

Below is an example of a typical property as paid for by a major insurance carrier for hail damage. These are not Bert Roofing Prices but are a guide and should be used as a benchmark. While Bert Roofing will almost always meet these prices, we often can do better when needed. Price is only one of many factors that should be considered as the scope and quality of job bid will vary greatly from contractor to contractor.

A special note for anyone who does not live in Texas

Below are Texas prices that are significantly below the national average. Texas has no licensing and huge population of low-end contractors that keep prices in this market very low, even for quality contractors doing things the right way.

Trend – Material prices are trending up.  Both asphalt and labor shortages for drivers are causing upward pressure.  The current market in DFW is softer as no major storm has hit the area as on June 1, 2018.

Typical Roof (Insurance Claim June 2018)
Remove Laminated Shingles3545.421,346.46
Install Laminated Shingles w/felt40205.168,206.40
R & R Drip Edge3252.13692.25
R & R Chimney Flashing1330.29210.98
R & R Pipe Flashing539.06195.30
R & R Roof Vent – Turbine2105.76211.52
Steep Charge – Remove 7/12 to 9/12 pitch3510.81378.35
Steep Charge – Install 7/12 to 9/12 pitch4034.271370.80
Detach & Reset Roof Vent362.45187.35
Sales Tax – Material343.02
Grand Total – Replacement Cost Value (RCV)$13,504.98


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