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What is an Impact Resistant Shingle?

Impact-resistant shingles are roofing materials crafted to endure harsh weather conditions, especially hail and falling debris. Typically made of reinforced asphalt or a mix with rubber or polymer, these shingles have a strengthened layer that absorbs and disperses impact forces, minimizing cracks and damage. They undergo testing from Underwriters Laboratory and receive a rating (Class 1 to 4) based on their ability to withstand simulated hail strikes. Though initially pricier than standard shingles, the enhanced durability can translate into long-term cost savings by reducing maintenance and repair expenses. Some insurance providers offer premium discounts for homes with impact-resistant roofing due to the lower risk of weather-related claims. In essence, impact-resistant shingles provide homeowners with a robust and cost-effective solution for weather-related protection.

It once was Primarily just Class 4 Impact Resistant:

Class 4 is the highest rated Impact Resistant Shingle on the scale of 1 to 4. In fact, most products that are Impact Resistant are Class 4. It was sort of an all or nothing rating, the best or none at all. Now there are several Class 3 to choose from.

So why are Class 3 Impact Resistant of Interest?

Class 3 Shingles are less in price than Class 4 shingles. The really exciting part is there is no premium compared to traditional laminated shingles which is the product we install the most. So if you are like most and going back with a traditional laminate it costs you next to nothing to move to a Class 3 product. 

What are some of the Class 3 Products?

The common ones are the Owens Corning Duration, IKO Dynasty, and Atal Pinnacle Pristine. All three are readily available in this market. The grapevine says several other big names will be added to this list shortly. You should also know that Bert Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

List are Behind: 

The State of Texas as well as many insurance carriers have a list of Impact Resistant Products. These list are often not up to date, and many of the above mentioned products may not be listed yet. Insurance discounts may be tied to being on that list. This is something you should check first.

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