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“Guidelines for Roof Repair and Replacement in Dallas: Expert Advice”

Objective factors: Can A Roof Be Repaired? 

As shingles age, the asphalt that is their main component becomes more brittle. At some point it is too brittle to do a proper repair.  When that time is can vary a great deal. There is a wide spread variation in thickness and quality of the asphalt that makes this time different from shingle to shingle. 

Now an important thing for you to know  is that most shingles only last 17 to 20 years. This is a much smaller number than the warranty of the shingle. While a warranty has value, you should not expect shingles to last that length of time. A roof repair is seldom a problem in the first dozen years of  life.

Subjective factors: Should I repair the roof?

Needless to say, this is far more complicated. There are many ways to look at this, but I have two that come to mind. 1: Will you put your home up for sale in the near future?  2: Cost vs Benefit.

Are you going to put your home up for sale?  This is straightforward, but not always fair. Most mortgage companies and insurance companies will not take on a new client with a roof 15 years or greater in age. Yes, there are many roofs that are very functional at 15 years or older, but this rule is very widespread and should be a major factor.

Cost vs Benefit can be more difficult. You can compare the repair cost versus the expected replacement cost – this can be done with the help of a no-cost no-obligation estimate from Bert Roofing (972-386-ROOF {7663}). 

You also should consider that the cost of building a new roof has been going up at a greater pace than inflation. I recently updated a typical roof replacement cost, seen here. In short, over the last five years, my example roof has gone from 13,000 to 18,500 in five years. That is around 30% higher. Waiting may be an option, but your replacement roof is likely to be a good bit more expensive too. 

Let Bert Roofing Help You

Only you can make the decision to repair or replace your roof, but we can help. If you need an estimate, just fill out the online form to the right of the page or give us a call. We also can help with financing your project. 

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