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Emergency Roof Repair—What You Need to Know

Your roof is your stalwart defender. In the face of adversity—weather, pests, and intruders—it stands strong and protects all that you’ve built and acquired. It’s the first line of defense. But after a while, even the strongest roofing materials require repairs....

Tax Credits for Replacing Your Roof

Being a homeowner can be tough at times. But there are also a lot of unique benefits to owning your home and property. For instance, if you plan on replacing your roof, you may be eligible for tax credits. It all depends on your area, the type of roof, and energy...

A Complete Roofing Inspection Checklist

Like your plumbing system, you want to schedule regular maintenance for your roof to prevent large-scale repairs and property damage. A roof inspection falls under the umbrella of routine maintenance, but it is often overlooked. By adding an annual reminder to your...
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