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Spotting rampant fake reviews can be challenging, but there are several indicators you can look for to help identify potentially fraudulent or biased reviews. Here are some tips to spot fake reviews:

  1. Overly positive or negative tone: Fake reviews often tend to be extreme in their sentiment, either excessively praising or criticizing a product or service. Look for reviews that sound overly promotional or use extreme language.
  2. Lack of details: Genuine reviews often include specific details about the product, service, or personal experience. Fake reviews may be vague, generic, or lack specific information about the roofing project. 
  3. Questionable patterns: Look for patterns in the reviews, such as a sudden influx of positive reviews within a short timeframe or multiple reviews from newly created or anonymous accounts. If you notice similar language or phrases across multiple reviews, it could be a sign of fake reviews.
  4. Unreliable sources: Check the credibility of the reviewer. Look for verified purchases, consistent reviewing history, or profiles with complete information. Be cautious of reviews from anonymous or untrustworthy sources.
  5. Overuse of keywords: Fake reviews may try to manipulate SEO,  search engine rankings, by excessively using keywords related to the product or service. If a review seems unnatural or stuffed with keywords, it may be suspicious.
  6. Conflicting information: Compare multiple reviews to see if there are inconsistencies or contradictory statements. Genuine reviews may have different opinions, but fake reviews may contain conflicting information or be incoherent.
  7. Unusual timing: Pay attention to the timing of reviews. If a product suddenly receives an overwhelming number of positive reviews immediately after its launch, it could indicate fake reviews.
  8. Check multiple platforms: Fake reviews can exist on various platforms. Cross-check reviews on different websites or platforms to get a more comprehensive view and identify any inconsistencies or patterns.

Remember fake reviews are everywhere, and it’s important to evaluate the overall picture and exercise your judgment. If you suspect a review to be fake, it’s best to rely on a combination of these factors rather than a single indicator.

Also, remember to check many platforms. Google is really powerful, but so is abuse. Reviews are all over the place. Here are some of Bert Roofing’s Reviews: (numbers are reviews as of July 2023)

Google – 55

Facebook  54

GatherUp  – 341   This is an online review service that publishes here on BertRoofing.com   This is of great help to our customers as you do not need an account as many platforms require.

GAF –  15 The largest shingle manufacturer in the world. Bert Roofing is a GAF Preferred Contractor.

BBB – 6 A+ Rated Business

Yelp – 19  Also scroll down and you will find “hidden reviews” – Yelp only shows some reviews, a little pessimistic here, but Yelp only seems to hide positive reviews,

NextDoor – 163 Hyperlocal see what your neighbors are saying.

Owens Corning (6) Shingle Manufacturer.  Bert Roofing is a Prefered Contractor.

Angie’s List (now Angie’s) – Many reviews here but Angie’s List has new ownership. Our reviews can not be found. You will not have any problem finding the reviews of paying advertisers. We are not a paying advertiser.

Porch 6

Guild Quality (6)

If you are counting, that is about 667. Hope this helps. 






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