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GAF TPO White Roofing


We recently attended training at Wholesaler Southern Shingles in Coppell TX. The session was taught by Jake Landry of GAF. Jake is with GAF’s C.A.R.E (center for the advancement of roofing excellence) program and was a great instructor.

Overview of Single Ply Roofing

The three main types of single ply roofing are EPDM, PVC, and TPO. With the continued rise of asphalt prices products such as traditional BUR (built up roofing) have been in steady decline. White single ply systems, specifically TPO, are the fastest growing segment in the roofing industry. Cost and reflectivity, which can lower utilities, are two of the major forces driving the rise of white single ply roofing systems.

Did you know that most TPO used in North America is in automobiles? Roofing takes a distant second place despite millions of square feet being installed each year.

TPO and PVC systems

After the classroom, we headed outdoors. In the picture left, Jake is showing us both the robotic welder and the hand welder used on both TPO and PVC systems. One of the amazing facts about a properly welded seam is that it is significantly stronger than the field. We did a weld of two sample pieces of GAF EverGuard TPO and then did a pull test. The membrane split before the weld did. A properly welded TPO roof will, in essence, be one single piece when completed.

A little hands-on welding was had by myself and the other contractors.  In all honesty, I need to tell you that my installers are in fact much better at this than I am at this.

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