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Most Common Code Violations by RemodelersIt is entirely possible to save money on DIY home renovations and repairs. However, it’s often not the best route. Sure, you’ll save a couple of dollars. It’s not enough, though. You’re risking an expensive mistake that could wind up putting your family and home at risk. Your other option, if you want to save money, is hiring a cheap remodeler. Unfortunately, that’s not a wise solution either. There are some remodelers out there today looking to get by while doing things outside of the legal box. They’re best avoided at all costs.

Common Code Violations by Remodelers

There are plenty of remodelers out there who know all about the tools and techniques of the job. There are also many who know about building codes. Both are equally important. The following code violations can be a serious drag on your project.

  • Working Without a Permit – A permit can cost quite a bit of money. However, having a permit shows that the remodeler understands the importance of safety, reliability, and keeping the building up to code for an inspector.
  • Asbestos and Lead Testing – Many old buildings were constructed using asbestos and lead in the walls. These are dangerous materials by today’s standards and have no place in modern construction. A good remodeler will not ignore asbestos or lead.
  • Improper Ventilation – With roofing, ventilation is ever-important. However, venting a bathroom fan into the attic is a huge code violation. It’s a good way for an amateur remodeler to save money, though.

If you spot any such code violations or are unsure of a remodeler you recently found, turn to Bert Roofing. We are licensed, certified, and highly reviewed amongst homeowners in the area. There is no roofing job – remodeling or not – that we cannot or will not tackle. Give us a call at 214-321-9341.

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