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Are Impact Resistant Shingles Hail Proof?

From North to Frisco to South of Dallas, our customers have always inquired if we have any hail proof shingles. We always tell them that there is no such thing as a hail proof shingle, but there are many options for Impact Resistant shingles. After they scratch their head we give them a little more information.

Impact resistant shingles are roofing products that have passed the 2218 test from underwriter’s laboratories. In short, this is referred to as “UL 2218”.  There are several different classes of products in a one through four rating system with UL 2218 Class 4 being the best.  While there are many 2218 products with different ratings, most that have passed the test are Class 4.

The test is conducted by dropping steel balls of various sizes and various heights on shingles and examining the results.  The Class 4 products survived a two-inch steel ball dropped at a height of 20 feet.  This drop is done twice.  The shingle is then examined front and back for tears, punctures, and cracks.  While this is not a perfect replication of hail, it does replicate the destructive energy created by hail.

It should be noted that the test is done on new shingles and not aged shingles that may perform differently.   Shingles become brittle as they age and older shingles are far more susceptible to hail damage than new shingles.  Steeper pitched roofs are less susceptible than lower pitched roofs.  Underlayment, type, and condition of the roof deck, tree coverage, and much more all impact hail damage to a roof.  It is very common in a small hail event that only the very aged roofs up and down a block are replaced while the newer ones march on.

While impact resistant shingles are certainly not hail proof, they do have a much higher survival rate than typical shingles.  Over the years we have seen hail strong enough to break acrylic skylight domes and damage most shingles, yet the Impact Resistant roofs are in good shape.  The major hail storm that hit Lakewood in 2012 was large enough that it wiped out all roofs in the area including impact resistant shingles and equally strong or stronger tile roofs.  What we often tell customers is that an IR shingle will likely survive the typical once every ten-year storm most of us in the Dallas market experience, but definitely not a monster event like 2012.  Just remember that hail events similar to those in 2012 are very rare.

Tamko will no long manufacture Impact Resistant Shingles

Scott Anderson, our local ABC Supply rep forwarded a memo from Tamko which states that they were getting out of the impact resistant shingle market. The reasoning behind this decision was said to be recent insurance company assertions that a manufacturer is responsible for hail damage to a UL 2218 Class 4 roof.  As we explained above, impact resistant shingles simply mean that they have passed the UL 2218 test and nothing more. Tamko, like most other manufacturers, do not provide warranties for any shingles, impact resistant or not, against acts of God such as hail damage.  Tamko went on to cite the potential cost and risk of litigation as the primary reason,  thus it made no sense for them to stay in the IR market.

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