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What Frost On Your Roof May Tell You

Later this afternoon in Dallas it will reach around 70 degrees. This is how the weather pays us back for the beating we take in August. This morning was chilly and the heavy dew caused there to be a good frost on most roofs that will quickly disappear once the sun is out.

The vast majority of roofs had this frost, but there are some that have little or none at all. What does it mean? Is this a problem? What can you do about it?

This simple answer is that the attics with no frost are warmer. They are warmer because the attic is either poorly ventilated or poorly insulated or a combination of both. Your attic should generally be as close to the same temperature as the outside. Regardless of the cause, both situations are not good.

Having a well-ventilated attic is essential. Without proper ventilation, you will not have a warranty on your shingles. Moisture and condensation may build up in your especially in the cooler months.

Most homes have less insulation than they need. Dallas homes should have close to 20 inches of insulation in the attic. With inadequate insulation, you are spending far more on utilities than you need to.

So next frosty morning, look at your roof!

Originally published 2/21/12

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