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There are a lot of different types of roofs. If you ever watch real estate shows, you’ve probably seen a lot of roofing materials and styles. When it comes to choosing what will go over your head, you might feel more comfortable if you dig a little deeper into the topic. To help you do that, we’re going to cover metal roofing materials. Which is best? Bert’s Roofing offers metal roofing services in DFW and the surrounding area, so we understand metal roofs. Let’s go over some common comparisons to see.

For Up-Front Costs

When your primary concern is the money coming out of your pocket for the roofing installation, there’s a clear winner. All metal prices fluctuate with the market, but the vast majority of the time steel is the cheapest roofing metal. Most roofs will be made from galvanized or similarly treated steel. The treatment layer protects the steel from corrosion. That leaves you with an incredibly strong roof, although it won’t be the prettiest.

It’s hard to imagine that you could get a metal roof for a total cost that is lower than the cost of steel.

For Cost Effectiveness

Steel is the cheapest material, but when you consider long-term results, it isn’t the most affordable. If you weigh the cost of the roof against its lifespan, you’ll find that steel needs to be replaced often enough that it loses in the cost-effectiveness war. Mind you, steel is more cost effective than most non metal roofing materials.

But when you compare it to copper, it isn’t even close. Copper is as long lasting as any roofing material. Many copper roofs will be warrantied for multiple decades. It’s not uncommon for a copper roof to last more than a century. That longevity more than makes up for the higher up-front cost, and copper is the clear winner for cost effectiveness.

For Corrosion Resistance

Every metal roof is going to offer good corrosion resistance. Most metals chosen for roofing do not rust. The ones that do are always treated to prevent the issue.

That said, steel is going to rust before any other roofing metal. It’s a major component of why steel roofs don’t last as long.

For general corrosion, copper, zinc, and aluminum are all pretty amazing, and for the same reason. All three metals form a patina that protects the core substance from being exposed to corroding agents.

Among those three, aluminum forms its patina the fastest. While zinc and copper roofs can take months or years to form their patinas, aluminum is already patinated by the time it is installed.

Because of this, aluminum does the best in one special circumstance. It’s the most durable roofing metal around saltwater. That doesn’t matter so much in northern Texas, but for roofs in Houston or along the Gulf, aluminum is a great roofing metal.

For Raw Strength

When it comes to sheer tensile strength, steel is the runaway winner. It can take more force and stress than any other roofing metal. In the face of hurricane winds and heavy snowfall, you’ll be glad you chose steel.

Despite all of that, steel isn’t always the most durable in the face of impacts. Even though steel is tougher, it isn’t as soft or malleable as the other metals, especially copper. These metals can bend when struck hard. That allows them to absorb impacts without puncturing.

Because of that, copper roofing often does better in hail. It’s another part of the reason why copper roofs outlast steel roofs. Raw strength isn’t nearly as valuable as overall durability when you’re talking about roofing.

For Aesthetics

Which metal makes the prettiest roofs? The answer is debatable because it is so subjective. Copper is widely regarded as the prettiest of the roofing metals, but aluminum is challenging that position.

Aluminum can be painted or otherwise cast in a number of different colors. When you choose colored aluminum and a seamless metal roof design, you can create attractive roofing setups that look amazing. In fact, aluminum roofing is growing in popularity among high-end residential homes.

Overall, which type of metal roof is the best? It comes down to your specific needs. If we have to pick an all-around winner, it’s probably steel, but there are plenty of situations where steel isn’t the best choice. Hopefully, you’ve learned a little more about what makes a roofing metal so great, and you can make a more informed decision from here.

When you do decide, be sure to contact Bert Roofing Inc. We are roofing professionals, and we can install your new roof with a high degree of precision. Our well-practiced experts are always ready to tackle a new project, so contact us today. We can answer your questions to help you pick the best roof. More importantly, we can get your new roof installed so that your building is protected from the elements. Make sure to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members about our DFW metal roofing services.

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