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New Texas Law Separating Contractors & Adjusters

Texas House Bill 1183 To Become Law

As discussed at the NTRCA meeting a few weeks ago, and mentioned in a previous blog post, Govenor Perry signed HR 1183 into law this week. The bill is short, but can have a great impact. Here is how it reads (note this may not be the final version as passed into law):


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Claims Adjusting & Roofing Contractors

Adjusting: What Contractors Can & Can Not Do

Last week we attended the monthly "Lunch & Learn" meeting with the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association. The speakers were Bill Voss of the Voss Law Firm and Jake Posey of The Posey Law Firm.  Both are active in insuarnce work and / or plugged into the current and proposed rules with the Texas Department of Insurance. 

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Credit Card Scams & Roofing

I know of many unethical roofing contractors, but I have never seen them do credit card fraud. There are countless full time credit card scammers all the time that might use a roofing company's name as a vehicle to their dirty work.

The came to this Dallas Roofing Contractor's attention when Inuit called me last week to see if someone I had never heard of was authorized to set up credit card payment processing for Bert Roofing.

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When is a Roofing Coupon not really a Deal?

I always check the coupons that I get in the mail. Sometimes there is a great deal to be found. As a roofing contractor I am especially courious about the coupons that my competitors send out.

It is not uncommon to find huge coupons for roofing. $1,000.00 or $1,500.00 off can be found all the time.

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Honest Roofing!: Great Email We Received This Week

The Email below arrive in our inbox this week.

“Hello My Name is Carlos and I don’t need a new roof. I did however what to thank you for taking a stance against the loser roofers who give away everything and leave us ethical roofers having to give unreasonable offers in order to make a living.

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