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Common Types of Roof DamageWhen you opt for professional roof installation, you’re investing not only in your home but in your family’s safety, too. A strong, durable roof is built to stand up against time, weather damage, water, and pests of all types. Even so, your roof is only so strong. It will only withstand so much before its shield cracks.

By learning about the common types of roof damage in Texas, you’re taking a proactive step toward improving your home’s safety and security. You’ll have a shot at scheduling roof repairs in DFW fast!

Accumulated Debris

With the wind to the changing seasons, your roof is bound to accumulate its fair share of debris. If you fail to clean that debris fast enough, it can lead to roof leaks and shingle damage.

If you spot branches, leaves, or other debris built up on your roof, take some time to clean it and schedule a roof inspection in DFW.

Hail Damage

Texas is not immune to cold weather and winter storms. A few times each year, we experience massive hail storms that roll in from the north. These hailstones are often the size of a golf ball or even larger. Hail of either size can tear apart your roof.

It is imperative that you schedule prompt roof repairs after any sort of hail damage; the situation will only worsen in the coming days.


Many homeowners are so focused on storm or hail roof damage, they forget about age. Time can take a massive toll on your roof, as all roofing materials are only built to last a finite number of years.

If your roof is coming up on its average lifespan, consider a roof replacement in DFW soon.

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