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Roof Long LastOur roofs just might be the single most important piece of our homes. But when your roof is damaged, many other things can go wrong in a hurry. That being said, taking care of roofing issues should always be a top priority. However, detecting roofing problems isn’t always easy; sometimes years can go by before a problem is noticed. But that leads us to the importance of roofing inspections. If these examinations aren’t done and done correctly, then homeowners or commercial property owners may be in for a rude awakening.

As we’re on the topic of the importance of your roof, there are things you should take into consideration when it comes to proper roofing maintenance, repair, and installation. While there are many topics to consider, the lifespan of your roof should be a top aspect to understand.

In this post, we’ll talk about the average lifespan of a roof, the roofing qualities that matter, and some tips for extending the longevity of your roof.

Average Lifespan

Before jumping into the factors that determine the longevity of a roof, we’ll discuss the average lifespan of these vital building components. On average, you can expect to get around 25 years for a roof. However, it does heavily depend on the material of your roof—and other factors we’ll dive into later. That 25-year lifespan pertains to roofs made of fiber cement shingles. For wood shake roofs, homeowners can expect a 30-year lifespan. And lastly, slate, copper, and tile roofs can last a remarkable 50 years.

What Determines the Lifespan?

If you’re only using the material of the roof as an indication of how long it will last, then that is the wrong approach. In fact, there are multiple factors that help to determine the longevity of a roof. Here are the three factors that matter most:

  • Materials used
  • Workmanship
  • Weather elements

If you want your roof to last as long as possible, then paying attention to the aspects above is a very smart approach. But these factors don’t only play a role in how long your roof will last; they also play a role in how many repairs you’ll need, issues that arise, etc. To get a clear and honest assessment of the longevity of your roof, contact a professional roofing company for an inspection. They will ask you how old your roof is, who made it, if any serious issues have happened, and other details if needed.

Any Serious Weather Events?

While the average roof may last 25 to 30 years, roofs that deal with extreme weather may have a shorter lifespan. Hail, rain, and snow can do a lot of damage to a roof over time. And if your roof isn’t properly maintained in a climate that sees many extreme storms, then you might have to replace your roof a lot sooner than anticipated. Even metal roofs can see some serious damage from serious weather events. No matter the age or material of your roof, it should be inspected periodically.

Are You Keeping Up With Maintenance?

Just like many other home components, our roofs also need proper maintenance and upkeep. If maintenance tasks are neglected, then a roof replacement might come much sooner than you hoped for. To ensure the proper maintenance steps are followed, it involves more than simply glancing at your roof for a few seconds; there’s a lot more that goes into it. That being said, it’s best to call a professional roofing company for an inspection. These experts know exactly what to look for and they can also take care of maintenance tasks and even repairs. Take a look at some of the common areas on your roof that should be inspected regularly:

  • Roof vents
  • Plumbing vents
  • Vent boots
  • Shingles
  • All penetrations

As these areas should all be inspected on a regular basis, it’s also important to check all areas of your home to see if any leaks are present. Another tip is to check the attic as this area is a common place where leaks can easily be detected.

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As all roofs aren’t created equal, one roof may last 25 years while another lasts 50 years. To get a clear and honest assessment of how long your roof will last, pick up the phone and call Bert Roofing today. We’ve provided thousands of roofing inspections to homes and commercial businesses all over the Dallas, TX area and we’d be happy to examine yours. Check out some of the many services we offer:

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