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How to Care for a Tile Roof in DFWToday’s tile roofing is one of the more popular roofing solutions in DFW. Clay tile is the most popular, but even durable clay tile requires maintenance on occasion. It’s essential you either schedule regular roofing maintenance or perform the task yourself.

Cleaning Your Tile Roof

Thankfully, clay tiles need little maintenance. To keep the material looking its best, periodic cleaning is a must. For that, use a power washer to help remove the dirt and grime buildup. Do not point the nozzle of the machine too close to any of the tiles. Doing so may damage the material.

When dealing with algae growth, cleanup is a little tougher. A mixture of warm water and mild dish soap can help remove the growth. Then, apply a sealant to prevent any more dirt, grime, or algae.

Avoid Walking on Tiles

When performing regular roofing maintenance, it’s common to walk on the roof for easier access. With clay tiles, you never want to walk on the material. They cannot handle the extra pressure from your footfalls. If you must clear fallen branches or other debris, use an extended object or hire a professional for roofing maintenance in DFW.

Regular Roof Inspections

Tile roofing is prone to dirt and grime, so regular roofing inspections are a must. Your roof will inevitably suffer from some damage over time from weather, mold, or tree branches. Minor cracks or gaps can form, allowing in moisture. A roofing contractor in DFW will inspect the entire roof, find these cracks, and seal them appropriately.

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