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Tile Roof in Top ConditionMost residential homes here in Texas have some type of tile roof. The appeal of a tile roof is in its low-maintenance requirements and aesthetic. It’s the perfect roofing material for warm climates and is affordable, too.

Before we dive into tips to keep your tile roof in top condition, know the best option is to call a professional. For the best results, the maintenance of your tile roof should be handled by experts.

Clean Your Tile Roof

On occasion, climb up to the roof and take some time to clean the surface of the tiles. You can remove dirt and built-up debris on the tiles by using a power washer. However, be sure not to spray too close to the tiles, as you can cause water damage or break the tiles themselves.

If you spot algae or dirt, it is entirely possible to remove the tiles and clean them in warm water and a mild dish detergent. Then, apply sealant when replacing.

Inspect Your Roof

At least once per year, take time to inspect the roof. A roof inspection is best left to the professionals, as they will catch minor roof leaks, algae growth, and other minor problems that may turn complex in time.

Do Not Walk on Tile

Many homeowners forget that roofs are fragile. You should not walk on your tile roof at any point. Why? A tile roof typically has a concave shape, which, when stepped on, may cave in and crack the surrounding tiles.

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