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Claims Adjusting & Roofing Contractors

Adjusting: What Roofing Contractors Can & Can Not Do Last week we attended the monthly “Lunch & Learn” meeting with the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association. The speakers were Bill Voss of the Voss Law Firm and Jake Posey of The Posey Law...

2013 Green Roofing Poll

Green Builder Magazine Reader’s Poll Picks CertainTeed A recent poll had CertainTeed come out as the top manufacturer of Green Roofing Products. The “Reader’s Choice” Poll was in a recent issue of Green Builder Magazine. The magazine also reported...

Researchers Study Hail Damage

Researchers Study Hail Damage Good story on hail damage research recently in the North Carolina Observer. A scientist created a hail cannon that when fired in can reproduce a hail storm. Different roofing materials are put in the path of variously sized hailstones and...

When is a Roofing Coupon not really a Deal?

When is a Roofing Coupon not really a Deal? I always check the coupons that I get in the mail. Sometimes there is a great deal to be found. As a roofing contractor, I am especially curious about the coupons that my competitors send out. It is not uncommon to find huge...

Credit Card Scams & Roofing

Credit Card Scams & Roofing I know of many unethical roofing contractors, but I have never seen them do credit card fraud. There are countless full-time credit card scammers all the time that might use a roofing company’s name as a vehicle for their dirty...

Lakewood & East Dallas Roof Damage Overview

Lakewood & East Dallas Roof Damage Overview As a person who was raised in East Dallas, it was hard to drive around today (6/14/12) and see the horrible damage done to so many of the historical building of the Lakewood area. The Lakewood Theater marque took a hard...

Robbers Enter Garland Jewelry Store Through Roof

Robbers Enter Garland Jewelry Store Through Roof After hours last week burglars entered a Garland Jewelry Shop by cutting through the pictured TPO roof, insulation, and wood deck. With the right saw it took little time to gain access to this property. While the roof...

Lifetime Shingles Are Not All The Same

Lifetime Shingles Are Not All The Same A little over a year ago almost all the major shingle manufacturers changed their warranties on almost all their product lines to Lifetime. The Warranties had been 30, 40, and 50 years in length with the shingle getting...
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