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Lakewood & East Dallas Roof Damage Overview

As a person who was raised in East Dallas, it was hard to drive around today (6/14/12) and see the horrible damage done to so many of the historical building of the Lakewood area. The Lakewood Theater marque took a hard hit. So did many of the majestic homes on Swiss Avenue and Lakewood Boulevard. My only hope is that with much of that area a historic district it will be rebuilt as it was.

Three generations of Berts have of one point in time lived in Lakewood on Revere Place between Skillman and Abrams not far from Tietze Park and Saint Thomas. Our business is headquartered off Peavy Road (10021 Cayuga Dive) in Casa Linda. Even if Bert Roofing were to not replace a single damaged shingle from the 2012 hail it is doubtful that anyone could exceed the 2600 plus jobs we have completed in 75214 & 75206.

Be careful out there. There are scores of vultures walking your street knocking on doors.

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