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Bert Roofing Has Been Named A Tamko Pro Contractor

TamkoPro Contractor

Bert Roofing has recently been named a Tamko Pro Certified Contractor. To receive this designation, Bert Roofing had to go through a lengthy application process that checked our history and quality of work as well as our insurance and financials. After all, these were found to be in good order, a written test about Tamko’s history, products, and proper installation techniques were taken and passed (50 of 50 questions correct!) There are only around a dozen TamkoPro Contractors in the Dallas Area.

Tamko has been manufacturing shingles since the 1940s and has a manufacturing facility in the Dallas area. Bert Roofing has teamed with Tamko in the past as we have won two North Texas Roofing Contractor’s Association Golden Hammer Awards for Outstanding Residential Project that had Tamko products on the property.

Being named a Tamko Pro is an honor for Bert Roofing, It lets you know that someone has done a thorough check on us and saves you some time when trying to select a roofer. Should you need an estimate, please call 214-321-9341 or fill out our online form.  Please visit our site to learn more about us and roofing.

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