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Emergency Roof RepairYour roof is your stalwart defender. In the face of adversity—weather, pests, and intruders—it stands strong and protects all that you’ve built and acquired. It’s the first line of defense. But after a while, even the strongest roofing materials require repairs. Today’s roofing systems are vulnerable to stress, unexpected damage, and severe weather. We here in Texas know the curse of a terrible storm all too well. Your roof does, too.

What Qualifies as a Roofing Emergency

Many homeowners feel that a clogged gutter, damaged flashing, or a minor roof leak warrants emergency roofing repair. Often, they don’t. These situations, while surely troublesome, often require nothing more than short-term repairs to really resolve the trouble.

After a serious storm in Texas, damage to your roof that requires emergency roofing repair include:

  • Metal panels or sections of shingles torn off by high winds, with the underlying substrate enduring damage.
  • A tree limb falling on the roof, puncturing the roofing material and decking.
  • A direct lightning hit, with serious burn marks and damage.

Until Help Arrives

In a pinch, mitigating roofing damage during an emergency is paramount. You may need to climb up and place a tarp over the damaged section to alleviate further water damage. It’s important to note, however, that you should never climb up during a storm. If rain is flooding in, shut off the power to your home, place down large buckets or containers, move furniture, and call for emergency roofing repairs from a trusted source. But never go up on the roof. You risk your own safety.

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